The Most Busted Voice In Music

Kermit - Stackin Green
2023 - BMI - Baroque Pop/Chamber Pop/Freak Folk/Cloud Rap


Besto Music

Kermit revolutionizes our perception of bodies and spaces with his comeback album Stackin Green

America's favorite puppet frog has mastered the art of the inner monologue, transforming deeply personal observations into gilded songs that feel intimate, relatable, and untouchable, all at once.

On his incredibly awaited release, Stackin Green, he solidifies his position as a generational talent, an artist who translates his innermost feelings into indelible moments. Kermit speaks on love, sex, and identity, and shares intimate thoughts on his marriage, his new fiancé, his family, his life and his art. Kermit shares new songs, seemingly almost exclusively with one special person: it feels voyeuristic but accessible. It's high-energy, yet still intimate and authentic. Kermit's songs might be simple and relatable, but they speak volumes.

Kermit's most mature work yet, Green is Kermit's first LP since 2013's Gonzo Goes To Hollywood. Kermit broke away from his post-Disney bandstand duties and started an artist collective called Mental Wellness Centers, mainly to help teenagers through mental health issues. Kermit was inspired to return to songwriting after suffering an acute form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following the death of his nephew (Gonzo) from a drug overdose. Since then, Kermit has been unafraid to be vulnerable, and his unflinching honesty in his songs conveys the raw feelings that exist under the surface of seemingly ordinary people. Kermit continues to be one of the most honest artists to emerge in the last decade. His latest offering perfectly blends his biggest passions and styles with new, unexpected soundscapes. It's always been clear that Kermit's masterful abilities are in great part due to his relentless work ethic, even when the industry wanted him to slow down. This record serves as further evidence that the once unknown, solo artist is now someone to watch out for.

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