The Most Busted Voice In Music

Frank Ocean - 3 (three)
2023 - Blonded - Cambodian Pop/Alternative R&B/Khmer Music


epic :')

'3', is a bold and daring exploration of intersectionality and identity. With the revelation that all of the songs on the album were actually written by a middle-aged Cambodian violin player, Ocean challenges our assumptions about who can create meaningful and impactful art.

Ocean's decision to step back and allow a lesser-known musician to take the spotlight is a powerful statement on the importance of amplifying marginalized voices in the music industry. The Cambodian violin player, whose name has not been revealed, brings a unique perspective and depth to the album that adds layers of complexity and nuance to Ocean's already thought-provoking lyrics.

But '3' isn't just about shining a light on underrepresented musicians; it's also about examining the ways in which our own biases and prejudices shape our perceptions of art and artists. By blurring the lines between creator and collaborator, Ocean forces us to question our own assumptions about who has the right to create and share their stories.
In an industry that is often dominated by straight, cisgender, white men, '3' is a refreshing and necessary reminder that true art and creativity come from a diversity of perspectives. With this album, Frank Ocean continues to push boundaries and challenge the status quo, solidifying his place as one of the most important and innovative artists of our time.

The album features a diverse set of voices and musicians, including appearances by Syd from the Internet, SZA, and Tyler the Creator, all of whom have collaborated with Ocean in the past.
The album opens with "Cambodian Strings," a powerful anthem that showcases the virtuosity of the anonymous violin player, while also shedding light on the rich cultural heritage of Cambodia. The song's lyrics, written by Ocean, poignantly address the ongoing struggles of Cambodians and the diaspora community, highlighting the theme of cultural identity. "Invisible Composer" is a song that tackles the issues of representation and erasure within the music industry. The lyrics are a reflection on the lack of recognition for marginalized communities and their contributions to the music industry, and how the industry often overlooks them. "Whitewashed" is another track that highlights themes of representation and cultural appropriation, but takes a more personal approach to the subject. The song is about Ocean's own experiences growing up in a white-dominant society and how it shaped his identity and perspective. "Voices of the Diaspora" is a song that features guest appearances by Syd, SZA, and Tyler the Creator, and it tackles the theme of displacement and displacement of culture. The song reflects on the experiences of immigrants and members of diaspora communities, and how they navigate their identities in a new place.

'3' is not just a musical masterpiece, but a bold statement on the importance of amplifying marginalized voices and shining a light on the intersections of race, culture, and identity. Frank Ocean continues to prove himself as a visionary artist and a true leader in the fight for social justice.

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